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The Power of Personalization in Insurance CRM

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, customer expectations are evolving, making personalized experiences a top priority for insurers. To meet these demands and stay ahead of the competition, insurance companies are turning to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like Fin Garuda.

So What does a customer actually want?

· A customized offer that fits their specific requirements.

· The most suitable policy coverage at a reduced premium.

· A wide range of insurance options to choose from.

And knowing what each customer needs is vital in providing the right insurance.

Lets see an example of how we can offer this level of personalization in the field of insurance using CRM’s

Consider an Insurance Company A, that offers automobile insurance have implemented a robust CRM like Fin Garuda that will help their insurers to access and manage customer’s vehicle and policy details.

1. Personalized Policy Coverage Recommendations:

Company A has decided to target those customers who have always paid their premiums on time and have stayed loyal to the insurer.

So, the company decides to reward this set of customers by offering,

· Loyalty Discounts and coupons which reflects the company's appreciation for their continuous business and responsible financial behaviour.

· Customers in this segment can be pitched enhanced coverage options at no additional cost. Like higher coverage limits for bodily injury and property damage or even a free medical checkups.

2. Customized Communication Preferences:

With a 360º view of the customer's profile in the CRM, the insurer will communicate the offers through communication channels decided by the customer. For instance, the customer might have requested all updates, special offers, are to be shared on their email address, SMS or WhatsApp and calls to be done only to discuss complicated policy issues.

This personal touch makes customers feel valued and engaged.

3. Recommendations and Cross-Selling:

CRM can help insurers suggest additional coverage options or relevant insurance products based on a customer's history and preferences. For example,

· A customer buying comprehensive car insurance may also be offered add-on covers like Roadside Assistance or Engine Protection.

Tailoring policies to individual needs enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4. Enhanced Customer Service Interactions:

By recording notes and comments from previous interactions, and with 100% Call Recordings, insurers can ensure a seamless and personalized experience for customers during every interaction. Knowing the customer's history allows representatives to provide tailored solutions, further enhancing customer satisfaction.

Are you interested in learning how our BFSI CRM, Fin Garuda, can help you offer personalized insurance services? Contact us for a demo and discover the power of personalized customer experiences in the insurance industry.

- Nithya Nanu | Digital Team | +91 9148906916 | ​

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